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Ron Nankervis
WGI Sports of the Arts

Mail from WGI CEO Ron Nankervis

Dear Mr. Sekine,
Please forgive the delay in responding to your very kind letter. After canceling our events and all the chaos that involved, we also moved to a new office and our staff is working from home during the quarantine. Needless to say, it has been a very stressful time.

Among all the disappointments from canceling the world championships, one of the biggest was missing a chance to host Aimachi once again in Dayton. Each time the group comes, we enjoy all the gifts they bring to WGI. We hope that your students understand the difficult decision and that the situation in Japan is not bad.

We look forward to the day when Aimachi can come back to WGI so we can cheer our friends once again. Aimachi is such a special group and over the twenty years of friendship, it is one we treasure greatly.

Until then, please be safe and stay healthy.
With the greatest respect,

Ron Nankervis
Chief Executive Officer
WGI Sports of the Arts

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